About Us

Retro-Bright was formed in 2013 to address the hassle and unreliability of fluorescent lighting.


Here are some testimonials from satisfied users:

“Our warehouse was built in 1971. T-12’s were installed at that time and worked great for many years. Our problems started around 1989 and over the years they became more and more of a money pit to keep functioning properly.

We recently decided to install the Retro-Bright fixtures.  The cost was less than half the price of the new High Output T-8’s.  The installation was simple and now I have more light than ever before.”

— Bill Nichols, Nichol’s Honda


“As a business owner it is my job to get the best value while protecting my bottom line. When I started having a problem with my 8 foot T-12 lights in the shop I knew I had to find a solution. With the new government standards those potential solutions quickly became quite expensive. That’s when I discovered Retro-Bright conversion kits.

They were easy to install, quick, inexpensive and use less electricity than all the other options! Now my warehouse has more light while saving me every month on utilities. I highly recommend this product!”

— Paul Short, Team Synergy, inc.